About NativeCamp.

Welcome to NativeCamp.! NativeCamp. is a Japanese company. We are one of the largest online English
language schools in Japan. NativeCamp. operates both in the Philippines and Japan.

We believe in the Filipino teachers' ability to teach English as a second language through their education and exposure to many forms
of media in English. Also, as non-native speakers of English, Filipino teachers are keener to the needs and feelings of non-native
learners making the class less threatening for the students to learn more in an effective and efficient way.

Mission Statement

As an online English school, our mission is to increase the number of fluent English speakers in Japan. We help students hone their overall English
communication skills needed for academic, professional, and social use through fun, interesting and useful activities delivered by our competent
and dynamic teachers.

Vision Statement

Having known English as the universal language, NativeCamp. envisions all Japanese to effectively use the English language for any purpose by
making English learning more accessible and manageable for students.

Philosophy and Goals

teachers sitting on the table.

NativeCamp. chooses teachers who are knowledgeable, competent and enthusiastic about teaching the English language. We believe that learning is a continuous process, so we provide trainings and English enrichment
classes to teachers in order for them to be more competent and confident in teaching the language to our
students, and prepare them to teach any lesson anytime.

We aim to provide the best language learning experience not only by teaching the technicality of the language but also expose students to different situations and opportunities with inculcation of proper values where they can put their learning into practice and learn the culture that goes with it.


We seek to provide the best English class experience to the students through our flexibility principle. Most
students don't have the luxury of time to study English, that's why we offer flexibility by allowing the student to
choose his/her desired topic according to what s/he thinks is useful and essential for him/her. Flexitime is also
offered since the student can decide on the time of the day that s/he wish to have a class. This system allows the students to maximize their available time to study English.

NativeCamp. is committed to the teachers and the students' growth not only in the teaching-learning of English but also in the cultural and social aspects.